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Jo Jo
Huck Finn
Jo Jo
Breed: Maine Coon
Color: White
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Shots: Yes
Neuered: Yes

Super handsome and friendly. Sweet Jo Jo is looking for a loving home.
Huck Finn
Breed: Domestic Short Hair Black Smoke
Color: Black Smoke
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 8 months
Shots: Yes
Neutered: Yes

Huck Finn is a stunning 8 month old Black Smoke.

Complete this pre-adoption questionnaire to determine your level of commitment and ability to care for a new pet in your household.· If you answer “no” to any questions, then a dog or a cat may not be the best pet for you.

1. Are you willing to care for the animal throughout his or her lifetime? Y/N
Dogs and cats can live 10-20 years.

2. Do you know how to house-train a dog or litter-box train a cat? Y/N

3. Can you afford the cost of food, grooming, and regular veterinary care, including yearly vaccinations and check-ups? Y/N

4. Will you see that your pets get regular daily exercise? Y/N

5. Are you prepared to attend training classes to teach your animal basic obedience? Y/N

6. Are you prepared to hire a trainer if your pet has behavior issues you don’t know how to deal with? Y/N

7. Will you license your animal and obey leash laws? Y/N

8. If you move, get married, get a new job, or have kids, will you keep your animal with you? Y/N

9. Have you considered who will care for your pet during vacations or in an emergency? Y/N

10. Will you give your pet the love and attention when he or she needs your attention, and not just at your convenience? Y/N

I answered "Yes" to all the questions. What next?

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