11 July 2012

Willie-Woo, the Kitten with a Hole in His Heart

Written by Nina Medina, Posted in News

This is Willie. He is a super sweet 14 week old kitten that we rescued about 5 weeks ago from out the front of Costco in Lake Elsinore. When Willie went to be neutered we found out that he has a level 5 out of 6 heart murmur.

We took him to the specialist and he was diagnosed with severe dilation of the left side of his heart with hyperdynamic LV systolic function secondary to a left to right ventricular septal defect. In other words, he has a hole in the bottom of his heart that will never close on its own. His Principal Cardiac Diagnosis: Left to Right Shunting Ventricular Septal Defect.

As of now Willie shows no signs of being sick. He runs, plays and wrestles without any problems. The doctor here in CA said that his lesion cannot be fixed. So, being as determined as we are, we sent Willie's info to a specialist in Colorado. They called us the same day and said that when Willie is 8 months old they can place an artery band around his aorta and he can live a longer life. If we do nothing Willie won't live for more than a year and this little guy so deserves to live a long happy life.

We will keep everyone updated with pictures and info on how Willie is doing over the next few months.

More Willie-Woo Pictures

Willie is staying with one of our foster family volunteers as he is a huge part of their family.


Willie-Woo playing with his iPad

Here's Willie-Woo playing with his iPad.

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  • Active Pawz
    26 July 2012 at 07:50 |

    What do I need to do to volunteer at the humane society?

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