Humane Society wish list

We are always in need of supplies for the pets that we rescue. Donations of supplies helps us to save funds to spend directly on spay, neuter, and medical treatment of the pets.

Our Wish List

  • Canopy for shade at adoption events
  • Cat beds, and cat teepees
  • Cat litter (clumping)
  • Cat food
  • Cat carriers (small, medium, large)
  • Cat cages for display at adoption events
  • Cat toys (scratching posts, etc.)
  • Gift cards for Petco, Petsmart or Target
  • KLR kitten milk replacement formula (powdered)
  • Litter pans (small, medium, large)
  • Litter pan liners
  • Litter pan scooper
  • Lightweight muzzles: assorted sizes
  • Dog collars (assorted sizes)
  • Leashes
  • Round pen for displaying dogs at adoption events
  • #24 colored paper for flyers

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