Buddy got adopted!

In late March my husband, Mark, and I adopted a lovely dog named Buddy. We changed her name to Buffy and she has been a companion to our first adopted dog Gabby. They love playing together and hanging out inside and outside. Buffy goes with the family to Big Bear Lake and enjoys the boat and running in the water. She loves her cats and they love her too. At first Buffy did not want to walk on the leash but with several tries she got right into step. I think she still misses her foster girls a little bit but we keep her busy and loved.

Thank you for all the love and devotion you give the pets in your care. You set the foundation for a happy life when they do get to their forever homes.

Rona Wiseman
Mark, Gabby, Buffy, ZsuZsu Petals, and Retread Angel also

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