Success Stories

Through the years we have had many successful rescues and adoptions. Here are just a few stories with a happy ending...

Daisy, adoptable dog in Menifee, CA

This poor girl was found by a kindhearted lady who took her in but couldn't keep her due to her abusive landlord who wanted the dog gone immediately.

We are happy to report that Daisy now has a loving forever home!


Ginger the Mastiff

Ginger, the English Mastiff, nearly lost her life the night of February 22, 2013. We don’t know the exact circumstances but she was hit by a car and picked up by local animal control.

Luckily she had no major injuries, only a simple fracture to her pelvis, which is healing with time and rest. After her vet exam, it seemed that all would end well for Ginger. She would go the local shelter and wait for her family to find her and take her home. She waited and waited but her family never came. Abandoned by her family, and considered “unadoptable” by the shelter, Ginger was scheduled to be euthanized. We only learned of Ginger’s plight on what would have been her last day alive. She was scheduled to die on March 3rd.


Adoptable chihuahua

Baby Hope is a Christmas miracle. At just 2.3 lbs, & with a bad eye, she was thrown away like a broken toy, found dumped in the bushes near a local movie theater. She then ended up in a local kill shelter where we rescued her.

After taking her to the vet we learned that she was blind in her left eye and it had to be removed or it could become infected. Otherwise, she is a happy healthy puppy who is full of life! Her eye was removed and the surgery was successful. She now runs around at top speed and doesn't even notice she is missing an eye.


Buddy got adopted!

In late March my husband, Mark, and I adopted a lovely dog named Buddy. We changed her name to Buffy and she has been a companion to our first adopted dog Gabby. They love playing together and hanging out inside and outside. Buffy goes with the family to Big Bear Lake and enjoys the boat and running in the water. She loves her cats and they love her too. At first Buffy did not want to walk on the leash but with several tries she got right into step. I think she still misses her foster girls a little bit but we keep her busy and loved.



Roy with his new owner

Roy was left behind at a house for 4 weeks. He was emaciated when we found him. We are so happy to report that he now has an amazing loving home!

I can’t thank you ENOUGH for saving this boy and putting him in my life! He has the BEST personality!

I’ve attached a few pictures...


Captain - Golden Retriever Success Story

Captain is an amazing 3 year old Golden Retriever who had it hard for a while earlier this year. His previous owner ran him over by accident and was unable to pay to have him fixed. He suffered a broken femur and was left for 7 weeks until we stepped in and took responsibility for the dog. He had his leg fixed about 8 weeks ago and is doing great. He never once got down in the dumps or felt sorry for himself.


Furry Friends Video

Watch this cute video scrapbook created by one of our wonderful volunteers!