Adopt a friend

  1. Complete the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire to determine if you are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.

  2. Telephone interview

  3. If you are interested in adopting an animal you must fill out our Pet Adoption Application. An adoption counselor then reviews the application.

  4. If your application is accepted you and your family may meet and visit with a particular animal. All family members must consent to the addition of a new pet in the household.

  5. All family members (even other dogs in your household) must be present in order to complete adoption. It is very important that everyone goes home happy!

  6. If your family and the pet prove to be a good match, the adoption will be approved.

  7. Adoption fees vary. Fees are based on many factors, such as breed, age, etc. Sorry, we do not accept checks for adoptions. All animals are current on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed or neutered (unless otherwise noted).

  8. To complete the adoption process cats will need a carrier for transport to your home; dogs need a collar and leash. If you do not have these items you will need to purchase them before adopting the pet. We provide microchipping, and a temporary name tag for all dogs. You will need to order a permanent nametag ASAP.

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